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Assessments & Testing Services
Assessments & Testing Services
PSYCHOLOGY & ANXIETY CLINIC Dr. Daniel Gibson, PsyD GPS Meeting you where you are - Guiding you where you want to be Contact Us ph:  208-258-7917 fax:  208-417-3088
We offer comprehensive psycho-educational and neuropsychological assessments for a variety of academic, attention, medical and emotional difficulties including: learning disabilities autism spectrum disorder attention deficits (ADHD) cognitive and emotional difficulties memory difficulties neurofeedback assessments using EEG equipment physiological stress assessment using biofeedback stress test head injuries and other medically related cognitive difficulties general pathology (e.g., bipolar, schizophrenia, etc.) service connection evaluations for PTSD and mental health diagnoses PTSD / OCD / Anxiety-related evaluations Our testing providers are graduate students from a range of graduate programs (e.g., PhD in Clinical Psychology, MSW, MFT, etc.). Their clinical supervisor overseeing testing is a licensed clinical psychologist. Comprehensive Learning Disability and Neuropsychological Assessments Our comprehensive psychological assessments diagnose learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders (ADD & ADHD), memory problems, cognitive and emotional difficulties, and neuropsychological issues. We test patients of all ages, starting at 6 years old. Typical assessment patients we see are students experiencing academic problems and seeking accommodations from their school, local state agencies (e.g., Idaho Vocational Rehabilitation, etc.), Idaho DHW/local Courts, and people with medically related cognitive difficulties. ADD and ADHD Assessments We offer an abbreviated assessment for adults to diagnose attention and focus difficulties for $350. This abbreviated assessment is appropriate for those patients seeking diagnostic clarification and/or working with other providers regarding medication management or to inform treatment. This abbreviated assessment may not meet guidelines for seeking accommodations for difficulties in school or applying for public assistance, but in some cases these assessments have been accepted for accommodations with state entities, colleges, and other school settings. The above described learning disability/neuropsychological assessment is a better option. Scheduling Your Assessment Contact our practicum clinic to consult with one of our graduate providers to get information about testing and get connected with an assessment clinician. We often have a waitlist, particularly during the summer months. Please take that into account along with the details below when factoring your timelines. What to Expect 1. You will meet with your clinician and do a clinical interview to find out what your concerns are and to get information on your experience in school and work.     2.     Typically, it takes 3-4 appointments of a few hours each to complete the testing. Total time spent in testing sessions is usually 8-12 hours.     3.    The interpretation and report writing process for your clinician and their supervising psychologist is labor intensive. We are typically able to provide the written report and feedback session approximately 2-4 weeks after the final testing session has been completed. Recommendations/Accommodations Our testing is comprehensive and so are our recommendations. We provide you with detailed information on what the problem is and what are some steps you can take to be more successful (e.g., in school, work). Our reports are usually accepted by universities/schools when needed to quality for accommodations/student support services. We meet with you for a final feedback session to go over the results of the testing and our recommendations. You will be given a copy of the written report at that time. We are also happy to send a copy of the report to other agencies/schools with your written permission. We can also provide a more abbreviated and confidential letter for agencies/schools that will detail dates of testing, diagnoses, and recommendations/accommodation.
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