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What is a sliding scale fee schedule?
At GPS Psychology & Anxiety Clinic, our commitment is to provide equitable and comprehensive mental health care to communities with limited access to such services. Recognizing the diverse economic backgrounds of our patients, we have implemented a sliding scale fee program designed to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder access to necessary mental health treatments. Our sliding scale fee structure is an integral part of our service model, especially for individuals in low-access areas. Under this program, we offer a range of therapeutic services at reduced rates. Our standard self-pay options are available to all, but when a patient indicates financial hardship or inability to pay the full rate, we invite them to apply for our sliding scale fee program. This program allows patients to receive therapy services at a significantly reduced cost of $30 for 4-6 sessions, with the possibility of re-evaluation and continuation based on individual cases and needs. The application process is straightforward and respectful, requiring minimal documentation to assess the financial situation without imposing undue burden. We ensure that each application is treated with confidentiality and sensitivity. By requiring a nominal fee, we foster a sense of mutual respect and accountability between the clinic and the patient, emphasizing the value of the therapeutic services provided while maintaining a flexible approach to individual financial circumstances. You can access the sliding scale fee application here:  Sliding Scale Fee Application The sliding scale fee is not merely a financial arrangement but a commitment to fairness and inclusivity. Our administrative staff is trained to handle each case with the utmost respect for the individual's unique situation, ensuring that no one is discriminated against due to their economic status. This approach allows us to provide necessary care without compromising the dignity or the financial stability of our patients. Here is a chart for the sliding scale fee program, outlining income thresholds by family size:
Sliding Scale Fee Schedule
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How can I apply for the sliding scale fee schedule?
What is the sliding scale fee schedule?
Family Size
100% FPG Income Limit
200% FPG Income Limit
300% FPG Income Limit
1 Person
2 Persons
3 Persons
4 Persons
5 Persons
6 Persons
7 Persons
8 Persons
Each additional person
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