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What is the GPS Psychology Practicum Clinic?
GPS Psychology Practicum Clinic
PSYCHOLOGY & ANXIETY CLINIC Dr. Daniel Gibson, PsyD GPS Meeting you where you are - Guiding you where you want to be Contact Us ph:  208-258-7917 fax:  208-417-3088
GPS Psychology Practicum Clinic (PPC) provides affordable and accessible outpatient
assessment, therapy, bio/neurofeedback, and primary care behavioral health (i.e., behavioral
health consulting) services to children, adults, couples and families at our clinic in Meridian.
Our providers are advanced-level graduate students in behavioral health programs, working under
the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist and licensed clinical therapist. We offer evidenced-
based treatments (counseling and therapy) for depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, health related
concerns, addictions, relationship problems and a wide range of other concerns. We also offer
assessment and testing for learning disabilities, ADHD, forensic, and cognitive/neurological
problems to inform treatment and empower knowledge and understanding of overall functioning. What are the benefits of choosing the practicum clinic?
Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing to work with a practicum clinician:
Many of the same treatment and assessment services as the regular clinic
Reduced wait-times to be seen
More affordable when paying out of pocket
In some situations, and with particular practicum providers, we are able to bill insurances for
mental health evaluation and therapy services. However, for most situations and patients, we
offer affordable prompt pay discounts at the time of service.
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