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Use of virtual reality in therapy is a new and innovative approach to empowering a patient to address several concerns and conditions.  It utilizes biofeedback equipment that monitors and assesses your distress levels and is reviewed by your provider in real-time.  This allows and ensures an appropriate level of intensity and care is occurring.  Treatment scenarios are largely focused on OCD, anxiety, and stress-related conditions; however, it also has scenarios to treat eating disorders, ADHD, depression, and several other conditions.
Virtual Reality
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 Virtual reality (VR) allows for exposure to several environments that may be difficult to access or are too costly (e.g., flying on a plane, MRI machine, etc.).  Additionally, it has been thoroughly researched and compared to standard treatments as usual and has superior outcomes.  These outcomes are faster than traditional treatments due to VR’s ability to put a patient in the appropriate environment, conduct personalized assessments to tailor treatment, efficiently measure both subjective and objective data, and overall time efficient to ensure best and quick outcomes. 
Why VR?
Virtual Reality in Therapy
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