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What is the Behavioral Health Consultation Clinic?
The Behavioral Health Consultation (BHC) Clinic is a triage clinic, meaning that most appointments are abbreviated and designated to stabilize the patient. Because of this, we will typically have BHC patients come back to our office for a scheduled follow-up appointment shortly after their visit.  Just like our regular clinic, we take most insurances and offer a sliding scale fee to all patients. Payment is due at the time of service. What needs are served through the BHC clinic? Our behavioral health clinic is ideally suited for behavioral health patients whose clinical presentation does not meet emergency status, yet is too urgent to wait for a typical therapy appointment. Here are some focuses of our walk-in clinic: Anxiety (i.e., social, health-related, etc.) Stress (i.e., adjustment disorders; medical concerns, etc.) Insomnia Chronic Pain Depression/Guilt Grief Headaches (all types) Relationship Concerns Specific Addictions Parenting Support for Difficult Child Behaviors Who will I meet with at the BHC clinic? BHC patients will meet directly with a Board-Certified Clinical Psychologist and/or a licensed mental health therapist in addition to qualified mental health technicians on a random schedule basis. The clinic is most often staffed by at least two providers in an effort to keep wait times as short as possible.
Behavioral Health Consultation Clinic
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