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Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Clinical Definition Persistent, excessive, and unrealistic worry about everyday things. This worry could be multifocal such as finance, family, health, and the future. It is excessive, difficult to control, and is often accompanied by many non-specific psychological and physical symptoms.
Our Approach
Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) therapy has been shown to be effective for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Through ERP, we work together to discover the specific triggers for your generalized anxiety. We then simulate a similar experiences and address your anxiety at its root. By actively confronting anxiety in real-life situations, your fear will gradually lessen as your confidence grows.
Available Programs for GAD
At GPS Psychology & Anxiety Clinic, we offer several programs for generalized anxiety disorder based on your needs: Individual Therapy Meet with a highly-skilled therapist trained in Exposure Response Prevention. We’ll primarily meet in our office, but feel the best method for treating social anxiety disorder is venturing out into the community where your anxieties thrive. Group Therapy The Adult Anxiety Group is open to anyone 18 or older struggling with anxiety. Meet with others facing similar challenges, gain support from your peers, and share your experiences. Similarly, the Teen Anxiety Group offers a safe environment for teens between the ages of 12 - 17 to meet, connect, and support one another.
Working with Parents
You are not alone and we can help. Our team has extensive experience working with children and teens. But we believe working with parents is equally, if not more, important. We educate parents on understanding anxiety and recognizing the difference between anxiety and stress. We also help with identifying well-intentioned behaviors that may be maintaining your child’s anxiety. Most importantly, we train parents on active listening enhancement and using empathy to build stronger problem-solving skills.
Parent's Corner Generalized Anxiety Disorder often manifests during the teen years. For parents, watching your child become overwhelmed by new situations or lash out when they feel worried. Parents of children who struggle with GAD may notice that their child’s has constant worries in their life, which can maintain or switch from one topic to another, depending on time and age.  It can be challenging to know what to say or how to help. Below is a list of common behaviors in children suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Here are possible signs of GAD in children and teens: Trouble sleeping Persistent worries about friends, school, activities Tantrums or crying when faced with new situations Frequent stomach aches, headaches, or other physical complaints Clingy behavior with family members Lack of concentration Being grouchy Extreme tiredness (fatigue) Inability to relax Refusing to go to school Worrying about things before they happen
If you suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), you may feel excessively worried about different aspects of your life. Your anxiety might leave you with hightened levels of stress, irritability, sleep difficulties, and fatigue due to not feeling in control over life’s circumstances. You may be bombarded with thoughts of “what ifs” and develop an intolerance to uncertainty.
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